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Joshua Akemecha was born in Oshie Momo on 10th December 1965. He attended the local Presbyterian primary school in Nyebai –Oshie and secondary and high school in GBHS Bamenda from 1982 to1988. He holds a B.A in Modern Letters in English, (FLSS University of Yaounde,  1991) and a PGD-DIPES II (ENSYaounde,1999). Won the First prize in poetry and third prize in short story at LITERARY WORKSHOP, a radio programme on CRTV Bamenda (1997}. President of CAMELTA  ( Cameroon English Language and Literature Teachers’ Association) West Region from 2011 to 2017. 

Published  TIMELESS MEMORIES  (poems) in 2015. He is a seasoned high school teacher of English Language and Literature in English. Has written and presented several unpublished papers on Language and Literature teaching at CAMELTA National and chapter symposiums. Presently Vice Principal in GBHS Bachua Babadjou, in the Bamboutos Division West Region of Cameroon. He is a registered member of ACWA (Anglophone Cameroon Writers’ Association).