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God’s tears I behold at spring of day

Spattered silently on His creation that lay

Gaping in utter bewilderment into the sky

In gloomy introspection what makes God cry.

Then wakes the saucy old bully at ease

And spreads out his glaze from the East

And clears the mist all in one sweep

While old earth yawns at the blue deep.

All seek redress in the bluish sea

From an immortal mourner none can see

Whose misty showers from day Eve

Shy away at dawn to wait the fall of eve

Conjecture wherefores of showers of anguish

‘Tis sure distress at man’s craze wholly wolfish

So weep for the woes with God, weep!

And for tender souls slashed by iron, weep!

Weep for the mad mayhem ecstasy

Weep for a cause pure in dangling legacy

For little angels slain in slumber, weep!

For dear motherland in depredation, weep!

From dawn’s rebirth to nightfall despairs

For scary scabs on forlorn cheeks in tears

For countless plagues that stalk in bulk

For what folk has made of fellow folk

Weep for a paradise bent on to waste

Weep for the treasures set ablaze

Weep with blistered souls unborn yet,

Weep for the cause which Jesus wept!

          Joshua Akemecha

        ( 22/03/2020)

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