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Poems to Senuy Geraldine for anthology


The antique city lay in ashes

Her revered patriarchs and

The grey-hair nannies lay roasted

Devastation paid them a visit

In the night of desolation

Rifled and ransacked their humble abodes


Smart and agile bones sprang from slumber

And fled into alien lands for refuge

From where they hear echoes of lamentations

Disgorged from the residue and rubble

Of the living and non-living creatures

Of the once glorious city


The scared crowds peeped from safe points

And bayed like cowered dogs with raised ears

At the ebbing smoke coiling lazily

And the skeletal coals laying still

In the ashes of their forsaken homes


Fear not, despair not, be strong!

That’s the missive in the whispering wind

For these ashes will fertilize your dreams

These reeking clouds condense into showers

For a new nation to sprout from the vestiges



Black ravens and crows cawed in the sky                                                                                                                      

A cloud of gloom folded the earth

Terror-struck chicks sought bolt holes

In cracks and fissures in the debris

Beneath which laid mother hen interred


Compelled migrants thronged the borders

In search of sanctuaries for their heads

Time to make friends with unfriendly familiarities

The new climes of unusual heat or frost

And hearken to the welcome song of

Assailing mosquitoes (in our ears)


Time for countless plagues knocking to stay

With our famine-stricken skeletons

Time to comb the forest for manna foods

Or let the bones repose in perpetual peace

Time for altruistic bona fide benefactors

To come with huge reliefs of pap and salt

Then linger to see us perish one by one


Surely the raids shall come to pass

The nomads shall become settlers

And new tribes shall sprout

From the shanties of refugee babies

Babies born sans midwife’s aid

New nations are born in pains so!





Take a glimpse of wondrous pity

A dejected sight of twinkling eyes

Like flickering stars in the dark

Loaded in a country farm-house

Evacuees peeping and screeching

Like famish rodents in a desert


Take a glimpse at the crude shacks

And the long abandoned wildlife refuge

Where limbs and trunks of all sizes & shapes

That fled from blind cannon pellets

Crouch and slouch on the mud surface

Like exhibited objects in a gallery


Welcome to the scream of labour pains

And the tiny cry of a new born baby

Amidst the convulsive spasms

Of grand-parents and grand children

Puffing into each other’s nasal cavity

Like captives squeezed in a dungeon


Welcome to the call of do-gooders with aid

Let heralds sing the choir worldwide

Emergency succor for the displaced

Another ruse of the pack of wolves

To plunder the priest’s penny piece

And the poor widow’s mite of amity

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